Monday, 24 October 2011

Paul Reed Makes it 3 in a Row for his 40th Birthday !!

Olympians MMA Featherweight Paul Reed celebrated his 40th Birthday last weekend and did so in great style as the veteran secured his 3rd straight win after a very close decision to top European Martin Svensson being his only loss in his last 6 bouts and after defeating fellow Swede and TUF 14 star Akira Corassani, The Olympians man who is known for taking tough fights anywhere anytime put up a convincing show to celebrate his birthday and secured a great first round submission !!
" Ive hit 40 now and I'm feeling fit and strong so its time to get those last few Big fights under my belt " said Reed
"I'm training and fighting top guys who are younger and beating them convincingly so it would be good to get these top International fights in before the end of my career "
Reed has fought all over the world and faced top opposition as well as maintaining a good position in the European rankings so with his Anybody,anytime,anywhere attitude he is a formidable foe for any of the top guys in the sport.
"I love to fight and I love to travel so right now I'm looking for anything that can give me a great fight Internationally or at home " stated the 145lber
Reed remains very active and trains daily so is open to offers and with his aggressive style is a great addition to any  card !!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Olympians MMA Bantamweight Greg "Mendingo" Knapp calls it a day !!

After Saturdays defeat at Battle of Botnia Olympians Bantamweight Greg Knapp has decided to call it a day, Gregg has recently seen a fall from form and after talking with him he made it clear why,
" I'm just not into it anymore " Remarked Mendingo " I don't have the drive to compete and push myself anymore and Ive taken these last 2 fights without training for them at all "
Gregg is well known for his awkward and aggressive style that saw him reach the top 3 European 135lbers early last year but with his heart not in it its been hard to even get himself back in the gym.
" I just find it all a bit of a chore and I see Paul Reed and Wesley Murch in the gym training and still hungry for it and I just don't have that anymore "  Stated Greg, " Olympians is a very close team and we are like a family but I want to spend more time with actual family and concentrate on life outside of MMA like eating cakes for breakfast "
 Greg is  in good spirits about his retirement and is excited about hat adventures he will encounter next " I want to do some travelling and have a few ambitions to fulfill " he said, but one thing that is certain is that the gym at Olympians will be a lonelier place with out him and he he will be missed by everyone but we wish him well in whatever he does next !!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Olympians Fighters head to Finland after Home Town Victory !!

Olympians MMA Fighter / Coaches Weley "The Immortal" Murch and Paul Reed last night both secured quick first round submission victories in Olympians MMA's Hometown of Bristol on Titan Fight Night,
The pair who fight October 1st on Fight Festival in Finland took the Hometown bouts in preparation for their upcoming International duties.
Wesley will be facing Tough Finnish LW and Bellator signed Janne Tulirinta in what is set to contend for fight of the night as the 2 are used to dispatching opponents fast and in great style, The Fin is a renowned submission wrestling fighter with slick ground skills but is willing to stand and trade which makes for an entertaining opponent for the Olympians fighter who recently stated that he was " Not interested in belts or champions and just wants to be in exciting fight " !!
Paul Reed will face off against promising Fin Joni Salovaara in an exciting FW bout that sees The Olympians man look to climb the ladder of the European rankings and get back to the upper tier of International action, with Fights in Canada,Finland,Sweden and Poland under his belt Paul said " I love fighting internationally and it very hard to turn down any challenge when it comes with the bonu of travelling the world " !!

The whole Olympians MMA Team are training for up coming Bouts and many of Our Amateur fighters are training at our evening classes that are open to the public so come on down and see us at Olympians Training Centre !!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

James Thompson arrives in Poland for stand off with Mariusz !!

Olympians MMA Heavyweight fighter and Pride Veteran James " Colossus" Thompson Arrived Today in poland ahead of Saturday nights show down with Former World Strongest Man and Polish Legend Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW.
Saturday night will see the return of James to action on Europes biggest show as he once again steps in to fight at the top level, Since joining the Olympians team James has worked vigurusly and will be going into Saturdays fight in great shape with all the tools needed to beat the Touted Pole.
For now its down time as James and Olympians Team Wesley " The Immortal " Murch and Josh Saidi prepare for Tomorrow's weigh in and Saturdays action but they send a message home for all at Olympians MMA and the fans further a field, " Thank you to everyone at Olympians all Training partners and coaching staff and to everyone for their support "
We will keep you updated with progress from weigh ins and the fight but we look forward to Saturday and hope you will all see the event !!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Paul Reed makes quick come back with fight in home town !!

After Saturday's controversial split decison los in Sweden Paul Reed has decided not to take any down time and is immediately back in the gym as he prepares to fight in his home town of Bristol at Tear Up 6 May 29th.
Olympians MMA Featherweight Paul was left dejected after his loss to Swede Martin Svensen and decided to take a fight a soon a posible whilst the memory of the loss was still freh and he will draw on that to secure his victory.
Reed fighting Jules Willis at 68kg / 150lb ( no allowance ) said  " Im very focused on this fight and moving forward very quickly, The wound is still very fresh and im using that as inspiration "
Paul enjoy fighting in front of hi home town crowd and due to his aggressive resilliance draws support where ever he fight. " I am going to be very explosive and very convincing in this fight, I plan on finishing every fight in spectacular fahion for the rest of my career "
Tear up is a great showcase for local talent and although Reed is very focued on getting back to Sweden and fighting on The Zone FC again this i great chance for him to demonstrate hi skills and newly found aggresive focus in fron of a home town so dont miss out, Tickets are available through Olympians MMA and Wesley Murch.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Paul Reed v Martin Svensen and the Protest of decision !!

Saturday May 7th saw Olympians MMA Featherweight standout Paul Reed return to the Swedish promotion The Zone FC,
Paul has become a favourite in Sweden and especially at The Zone after his destruction of Hamid Corasani earlier this year so when we were offered a Title fight for the vacant Featherweight title we had no hesitation in returning, Paul's opponent was Martin Svensen a 6'2 Swedish Featherweight ( who was recently featured in Dana whites blog where he was questioned about his enormity for a Featherweight )
who is very talented and a tough opponent and displayed these attributes on Saturday.

The fight was a very close affair with both fighters displaying Professionalism and athleticism at the highest level and with multiple exchanges and submission attempts it was very entertaining for all in attendance, However despite how close it may have been we felt that Paul had worked hard enough to secure a victory over the Swede and it was of course a shock when the announcer revealed that he had lost a split decision.

The Zone Fc is a great promotion and is run at the very highest level with fighters being a priority at all costs and it has been a true pleasure for everyone at Olympians MMA to have worked with the organisation and will be to continue working with them ( especially as the fans seem to love him out there ) However after Saturdays fight and leaving the Cage feeling dejected to say the least it soon became clear that not only all of the Olympians Team but many of the Swedish fans scored the fight as a victory for Paul when we were approached by throughout the night.

We do not take the decision of putting forward an official Protest to a decision lightly but with so many people from fans to other fighters approaching us we felt our opinion carried some weight on this occasion and after discovering certain points with the judging of the fight the decision was made that we should protest the decision.
We are looking for a suitable resolution to the matter whether it be turning over the decision or simply ruling a N/C and both fighters do it again from an equal starting point.

We can not stress enough how helpful everyone at The Zone FC has been throughout the experience and we certainly feel this matter bears no reflection to them as an organisation as they truly are at the top of European MMA and are making great leaps in establishing professionalism throughout the sport,
This is a simple Judging discrepancy and so the complaint lies with the SMMAF and we hope that the matter be resolved soon and we can continue to move forward !!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ok so lets get Fucking Serious !!

Ok so lets get fucking serious,
After the recent defeat to Junior people close to me were saying that its OK and to learn from it etc and well that's true I think its time to get fucking serious, This is MMA a fighting sport and to lose a great fight is very different to playing to your opponents strengths and losing.
I felt great for the fight and 100% believe I had the perfect game plan to beat Junior and all the tools for the job but if you make a mistake against a fighter of that level then they should and will capitalise on it, so why I ignored the game plan is a mystery to me but what it certainly is not is acceptable or a learning curve it is a missed opportunity and maybe the biggest of a career, so off the back of this fight all I can I think of is moving forward and fighting.
It really is time to get fucking serious this sport is FIGHTING its not winning or beating someone its fighting whether that's through the success or through the hard set backs and the first step is honesty and being honest means making no excuses, I have no excuse for my performance I had a great camp and was surrounded by a great team who devised a great game plan and dedicated training to me and this fight, It was only me that threw that opportunity away and completely ignored the hard work and game plan and although it is not acceptable it is a lesson and it is the start of another big fight.
I have never felt so confident or comfortable going in to a fight as I did at RFC 4 and I was physically at the top of the game ( not just my game, The Game ) and now with the hunger and drive that this fight has given me I will be a very dangerous prospect in the Lightweight division.
I have a great team around me at Olympians MMA and while my performance did not reflect their hard work and commitment the whole team deserves the gratitude of a victory.

A big thank you to everyone that put the hard work in to get me to RFC 4 firstly everyone at Olympians MMA, Paul Reed,Ross Dunsford,Paul Croft, My Strength and Conditioning coach Matthew Palfrey, Josh Saidi,Chris "Skemer" Winters,Pedro Bessa all my sparring partners and my sponsors
Trojan Nutrition, Jaco ,MMA Apparel and all my family !!

Wesley "The Immortal" Murch

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Olympians MMA Fighters Target International Success and recognition !!

Olympians MMA can now confirm 2 of the biggest fights since the Team formed 3 years ago, The Bristol based team have worked hard and represented UK MMA Internationally and widely in the UK and have had a very successful beginning but now things have really taken a turn in the right direction as 2 of the Teams Coaches/Fighters step up to take on huge challenges.
Team Founder and Head coach Wesley " The Immortal " Murch this week signed a contract to fight on March 31st in Brazil on Recife Fighting Championships against 3 x UFC Veteran Junior Assuncao, The big step comes after a 4 fight win streak for The Immortal all stoppages coming in the first round, Since featuring on The Ultimate Fighter Wesley has had his sights firmly set on reaching the top of international MMA and winning this fight certainly catapults him in that direction.
Olympians MMA Coach Paul Reed also signed a contract this week that See's him return to Sweden on May 7th to fight for The Zone FC Featherweight Title, Reed who is coming off a huge win in his destruction of top ranked Swedish fighter Hamid Corassani was Immediately offered the Title shot and due to the Professionalism and Unrivalled hospitality he received from The Zone and the Swedish fans Reed had no hesitation in accepting the bout which winning will firmly secure him among Europe's Featherweight elite.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Olympians MMA Featherweight Paul Reed Solidifys himself as Top UK and European Fighter !!

Saturday 26th February was the date and the venue Liesberg arena Gothenburg Sweden, The Zone FC was host to one of Europe's top MMA Battles as Olympians MMA Fighter Paul Reed was set to face Swedish Prospect and top ranked Featherweight Hamid Corassani, Corassani was coming off of a 6 fight winning streak spanning 3 years and had been tipped for big things and with Paul's unfortunate loss at KSW it was apparent that the Scottish fighter was entering the cage the underdog.
The fight was tipped as one of Sherdogs top 5 to watch in February and it soon became clear why, The bout began with some hard exchanges and some clinch work before Corassani landed a heavy punch that saw Reed drop to his backside but the Olympians fighter kept a clear head and despite taking some Ground and Pound managed to fend of the onslaught and catch Corassani with an up kick, this lead to a Controversial stoppage and standing up of both fighters and the fight continued from there, The rest of the round continued as it began with Corassani dropping Paul with another shot but the Bristol based fighter proving to be as tough as the reputation that he carries managed to fend off the Swede again and see out an action packed first round.

During the break the 2 fighters looked to be in contrasting condition with Corassani seated and breathing heavily and Olympians Fighter/Coach Wesley Murch struggling to control Reed as he jumped up and down and paced the cage waiting for the second round.
The second began with at a blistering pace as the Olympians Fighter showed exactly why he was so keen to get the round underway with fast hands and great head movement Reed unleashed a huge number of punches and started to dominate that aspect of the game and despite getting hit with some big counter shots Reed simply smiled at his opponent before landing a big Right hand that saw Corassani hit the canvas and reed follow him to the ground,
The fight had now taken a real turn as the Olympians MMA fighter dominated from the top position and landed some great shots showing good posture and strength, Corassani seemed helpless in the position and despite rolling and defending was simply out muscled and out matched from there on out with Reed having 3 submission attempts before forcing the ref to call a stop to the action due to Strikes.

Reeds victory not only secured his position among Europe's best Featherweight 's but a high ranked position in the world rankings and with his Tough chin,Grit,Strength and superior Cardio it was clear that Reed was among the best out there and although an aging fighter at nearly 40 it is obvious that he is ready for some big challenges and big fights at an international level to finish his career at the top of the game !!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011 Year of The Olympians !!

Well now that we are nearly a full week into the new year the time feels right for first of the new Olympians MMA Blog.
With 2010 being a very successful year for us we of course have plans to make 2011 even bigger and better and what a way to start with Olympians MMA Coach and Highly Ranked UK and European Featherweight ( 145lb ) Paul Reed kicking off the year on top European show KSW, Paul will be stepping up in weight to face off against Polish born crowd favourite and 70kg fighter Artur Sowinski, Sowinski is very experienced and only holds losses against Europes 70kg elite fighters.
Paul will be making his return to KSW after a very impressive 3 round late last year that saw him lose a very close decision.

With other Olympians MMA fighters already matched and in full training camps the start of 2011 will be a very busy one with fighters Wesley "The Immortal" Murch, Gregg "Menchengo" Knapp, Nathan Champ and many up and coming fighters pushing through the ranks we highly suggest you keep a close eye on Olympians MMA !!

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