Monday, 19 March 2012

Olympians MMA get the year off to a good start !!

James "The Colossus " Thompson was the first of the Olympians MMA Team to get into action in 2012 with a dominant performance at Super Fight League, The Olympians Heavyweight who is now 3- 0 since Joining forces with his home town team faced off against the veteran Bob Saap in a heavy weight showcase on India's first MMA show Super Fight League in Mumbai, although the fight ended on a disappointing note with saap bailing out early in the first round with a "Torn" leg muscle it was a great way to start the new year and James remarked " That's MMA its not predictable and these things happen but as long as the fans in India are happy with the show as a whole then it leaves me feeling fulfilled "

Sat 17th March also saw a return to the cage for Olympians MMA Lightweight Fighter and TUF Veteran Wesley "The Immortal" Murch at local show Tear up 8 where he was the main attraction in his fight against Tough opponent Sam Boo, Wez secured an early take down and maintained a very secure top position locking up Boos arm and securing a very convincing Kimura win in what on paper looked to be alot more challenging, Murch remarked "I'm not chasing anybody or any organisation I just feel I'm ready for any opportunity that presents its self and 2012 should be a good year "
Earlier in the night fellow Olympians fighters Guy Lewis,Toby "LaRone" Meech and Tomasz Bartoszek made their debuts in amateur match ups and all secured very convincing wins with both Meech and Bartoszek dominating 3 rounds of action to take Unanimous decisions victory's and Lewis demonstrating great composer as he took his opponent to the mat and gained full mount where he landed only a couple of punches before his opponent was forced to tap to strikes giving the Olympians MMA team a 4 fight 4 win ratio on the night to the delight of the home crowd !!

2012 looks to be a great year for Olympians MMA with Featherweight Veteran Paul Reed next in action at Polish show MMA Attack on April 26th " I'm only really interested in these big fights at this point in my career but I stay healthy and train hard with a great team so I feel I'm ready for any challenge in the 145lb division in any organisation " remarked Reed, We will update of his fighting next months Blog !!