Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ok so lets get Fucking Serious !!

Ok so lets get fucking serious,
After the recent defeat to Junior people close to me were saying that its OK and to learn from it etc and well that's true I think its time to get fucking serious, This is MMA a fighting sport and to lose a great fight is very different to playing to your opponents strengths and losing.
I felt great for the fight and 100% believe I had the perfect game plan to beat Junior and all the tools for the job but if you make a mistake against a fighter of that level then they should and will capitalise on it, so why I ignored the game plan is a mystery to me but what it certainly is not is acceptable or a learning curve it is a missed opportunity and maybe the biggest of a career, so off the back of this fight all I can I think of is moving forward and fighting.
It really is time to get fucking serious this sport is FIGHTING its not winning or beating someone its fighting whether that's through the success or through the hard set backs and the first step is honesty and being honest means making no excuses, I have no excuse for my performance I had a great camp and was surrounded by a great team who devised a great game plan and dedicated training to me and this fight, It was only me that threw that opportunity away and completely ignored the hard work and game plan and although it is not acceptable it is a lesson and it is the start of another big fight.
I have never felt so confident or comfortable going in to a fight as I did at RFC 4 and I was physically at the top of the game ( not just my game, The Game ) and now with the hunger and drive that this fight has given me I will be a very dangerous prospect in the Lightweight division.
I have a great team around me at Olympians MMA and while my performance did not reflect their hard work and commitment the whole team deserves the gratitude of a victory.

A big thank you to everyone that put the hard work in to get me to RFC 4 firstly everyone at Olympians MMA, Paul Reed,Ross Dunsford,Paul Croft, My Strength and Conditioning coach Matthew Palfrey, Josh Saidi,Chris "Skemer" Winters,Pedro Bessa all my sparring partners and my sponsors
Trojan Nutrition, Jaco ,MMA Apparel and all my family !!

Wesley "The Immortal" Murch