Monday, 26 September 2011

Olympians MMA Bantamweight Greg "Mendingo" Knapp calls it a day !!

After Saturdays defeat at Battle of Botnia Olympians Bantamweight Greg Knapp has decided to call it a day, Gregg has recently seen a fall from form and after talking with him he made it clear why,
" I'm just not into it anymore " Remarked Mendingo " I don't have the drive to compete and push myself anymore and Ive taken these last 2 fights without training for them at all "
Gregg is well known for his awkward and aggressive style that saw him reach the top 3 European 135lbers early last year but with his heart not in it its been hard to even get himself back in the gym.
" I just find it all a bit of a chore and I see Paul Reed and Wesley Murch in the gym training and still hungry for it and I just don't have that anymore "  Stated Greg, " Olympians is a very close team and we are like a family but I want to spend more time with actual family and concentrate on life outside of MMA like eating cakes for breakfast "
 Greg is  in good spirits about his retirement and is excited about hat adventures he will encounter next " I want to do some travelling and have a few ambitions to fulfill " he said, but one thing that is certain is that the gym at Olympians will be a lonelier place with out him and he he will be missed by everyone but we wish him well in whatever he does next !!

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