Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Paul Reed makes quick come back with fight in home town !!

After Saturday's controversial split decison los in Sweden Paul Reed has decided not to take any down time and is immediately back in the gym as he prepares to fight in his home town of Bristol at Tear Up 6 May 29th.
Olympians MMA Featherweight Paul was left dejected after his loss to Swede Martin Svensen and decided to take a fight a soon a posible whilst the memory of the loss was still freh and he will draw on that to secure his victory.
Reed fighting Jules Willis at 68kg / 150lb ( no allowance ) said  " Im very focused on this fight and moving forward very quickly, The wound is still very fresh and im using that as inspiration "
Paul enjoy fighting in front of hi home town crowd and due to his aggressive resilliance draws support where ever he fight. " I am going to be very explosive and very convincing in this fight, I plan on finishing every fight in spectacular fahion for the rest of my career "
Tear up is a great showcase for local talent and although Reed is very focued on getting back to Sweden and fighting on The Zone FC again this i great chance for him to demonstrate hi skills and newly found aggresive focus in fron of a home town so dont miss out, Tickets are available through Olympians MMA and Wesley Murch.

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